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Wellbore Cleanout Tools

With a proven track record of more than 3,000 tool runs worldwide, WS tools are recognized for their robust design and cleanout efficiency. 

Displacement Chemicals

WS offers Solvents, Subfactants and Polymers utilized to aid in wellbore cleanout operations.

Negative Inflow Test Packers

WS's FSC packer can be run with the cleanout assembly as part of a one-trip system and can be utilized when drilling cement is required. 

Wellsite Support Services

WS provides experienced field personnel to support wellsite operations and ensure best practice are followed. 

Project Management

The WS team can manage the wellbore cleanout operations by providing the following:

  • Wellbore Displacement Recommendation 

  • Chemical Spacer Design 

  • Fluid Hydraulics 

  • Tool Spaceout Design 

  • Tool Running Procedures

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