Screen Basket Tool – Debris Extraction Jetting Tools for Wellbore Cleaning

Screen Basket ToolApplication

The Wellbore Specialties Screen Basket Tool is a down hole filtration device to be run during displacement operations. The Screen Basket Tool is run in conjunction with brushes, scrapers, magnet tools and circulating devices prior to well displacement. When running in the hole, the fluid is directed through the flapper valve at the bottom of the tool, up through the filtration sleeve and into the annulus. Once displacement to clear brine fluids is completed, the cleanout string is pulled out of the hole. The fluids are diverted through the sleeve by the rubber wiper element at the top of the tool, filtering the fluid through the screen, validating the wellbore cleanliness.

The Screen Basket Tool can also be used to capture debris during wellhead or BOP cleaning operations by positioning the tool below the jetting tool.


  • Large flow area thru flapper valve seal ring allows capture of large debris
  • Centralizers run at drift
  • Floating wiper cup maintains contact in deviated wells
  • Three (3) spring loaded relief valves open when tool fills up to prevent swabbing, set to open at 200 psi. (Can be adjusted)
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  • PEC
  • Q1 Spec
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