Safety Program – Certificates and Memberships

We are proud of our safety record of no accidents or incidents in over five years, but we are not content to rest on our laurels. That is why, at Wellbore Specialties, we go out of our way to look for trouble. Not only do we work hard to devise better ways of avoiding known or expected incidents, we are constantly researching possible safety concerns when utilizing wellbore cleaning tools  so that we can design preventive solutions before they happen.

  • SNetworld® membership – a global resource for matching safe and reliable contractors with clients who are hiring personnel
  • PEC Premier Membership – PEC Premier provides standardized training within the oil and gas industry. Like ISNetworld®, PEC also provides verification services.


A fundamental aspect of safety planning is looking back at previous disasters and examining how and why they happened. This enables us to move forward and determine the steps required to design and manufacture safer wellbore clean out tools. Using this approach, our customers can get on with the business of developing the nation’s gas and oil resources responsibly, reliably and accountably.


We are proud of our safety record and want to share our success. Contact us now to talk about the many ways we can help you improve your quality and safety at the well bore.

  • ISN
  • PEC
  • Q1 Spec
  • API
  • ISO