Riser Bucket Magnet – Riser Cleaning Tools – Wellbore Cleaning Tools

Riser Bucket MagnetApplication

The Riser Bucket Tool/Magnet is designed to capture falling debris that cannot be circulated out of the riser due to insufficient fluid velocities. This tool has a baffle plate set on top of the bucket with Bar Magnets attached to the baffle plate. As fluid flows by the bucket it hits the baffle plate and causes an eddy effect, diverting falling debris into the bucket, ferrous metal debris is retained on the magnets. The 13.5 gallon bucket has drain ports to allow fluid evacuation as the tool is removed from the wellbore.

The Riser Bucket/Magnet Tool should be run in conjunction with the Riser Brush Tool for maximum cleaning efficiency.


  • Large bucket 13.5 gallon
  • Baffle plate design
  • Drain ports for fluid evacuation
  • Single piece mandrel
  • Durable tool design
  • Heavy duty bar magnets capable of holding 40 lbs of debris
  • ISN
  • PEC
  • Q1 Spec
  • API
  • ISO