Quad Brush – Wellbore Cleaning & Clean Out Tools

Quad Brush ToolApplication

The Quad Brush Tool has been designed to meet the demands of pre-completion, completion, workover and P&A operations. The helical blade pattern is set on a single piece mandrel with four sets of brushes. The new design has all brushes attached at the same angle allowing the tool to be run pin up or pin down. The Quad Brush Tool can be run as a stand-alone tool or as part of a one trip cleanup assembly.

The stainless wire bundles have been welded together to prevent bristle loss.   Brushes are not clustered together which prevents clogging. This is a self cleaning tool utilized for removing pipe scale, mud cake, pipe dope and oily residue from casing wall.

This durable design makes it very efficient for rotating, reciprocating, and maintaining high contact for maximum cleaning efficiency.


  • Excellent flow path promotes self-cleaning
  • Non-Rotating Stabilizer
  • No Internal Connections
  • Can be run pin up or pin down
  • Full casing coverage
  • Versatility – can be fitted with scrapers, brushes or a combination of both
  • Available in all common casing and liner sizes
  • Brushes not clustered prevents clogging
  • Can be supplied with high torque connections
  • Stainless wire bundles welded together eliminates bristle loss
  • ISN
  • PEC
  • Q1 Spec
  • API
  • ISO