Wellbore Specialties – Pre-Displacement Tools

Contamination of a well from water or brine occurs at several points during completion of a well. It happens during displacement of drilling fluid into or out of the well, during cleaning of mud tanks and surface lines at the end of the operation, or from drains in the rig floor. Using the right oilfield services wellbore clean out tools can ensure a successful, trouble-free well completion.

Wellbore Cleaning Tools

The wellsite tool service specialists at Wellbore Specialties design, manufacture, sell and rent wellbore clean out tools:

  • Quad Scraper – The quad scraper blade tool is available in all standard casing sizes from 7 to 10-3/4 inches. The durable, helical blade sits on a single piece mandrel and has no internal connections, eliminating casing wear. A helical scraper design offers a larger surface and flow areas.
  • NonRotating Scraper – removes large pieces of cement and burrs. This tool is 76 inches long with an internal diameter of 1.625 inches. It delivers a torsional yield of 18,100 ft.-lbs and a tensile yield of 587,000 lbs.
  • Quad Brush – This versatile tool has all of the brushes attached at the same angle. The new design enables it to run in the pin up or pin down position.
  • Combo Tool – Brushes & Scrapers have a helical pattern with no internal connections. They are robustly designed and handy for drilling operations.
  • Riser Cleaning Tools – These include the brush and bucket tools. The Riser Brush Tool has a helical brush pattern that is similar to the quad brush tools. It is used to clean riser systems. The Riser Bucket Tool captures falling debris when the fluid rate is insufficient to take it out of circulation.
  • Riser Bucket Magnet – A patented baffle plate diverts solids to a large, 13.5-gallon bucket with drain ports for fluid evacuation.
  • Riser Brush – The helical brush pattern promotes self-cleaning while the stabilizer blade ensures efficient contact.

BOP Wellbore Cleaning Tools (Circulating Tools):

  • Jetting Tool – Dependable activation design with a single piece mandrel, wireline retrievable activation/de-activation darts, and interchangeable nozzles to increase or decrease jetting action. 14-inch OD.
  • Jet Set Tool – Combining a jetting and scraping/brushing action, this tool is used for jet BOPs and to clean liner tops and wear bushing profiles. High circulation rates during activation save rig time while dual flow improves fluid velocity.
  • Debris Extraction Tools (another jetting tool)
  • Magnet Tool – Available in four sizes, this robust tool with one-piece mandrel is very drilling-friendly. Flanges sweep particles into a generous collection space and maximizes recovery volume.
  • Screen Basket Tool – used to capture large debris, this tool has a basket capacity of 8.3 gallons.
  • Liner Top Test Tool (negative inflow test tool)

Wellbore Specialties provides integrated oilfield services, combining the right tools, fluids, and chemicals at low cost and high efficiency. Call today to speak to one of our wellsite tool service specialists about your wellbore oilfield services needs.


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