Wellbore Specialties – Post -Displacement Tools

Once geologists have confirmed that a well has sufficient petrochemicals to be commercially viable, the process of completing the open-hole part of the well can begin. Preparing the wellbore for completion operations involves the displacement of fluids and other materials in the well.

There are two critical wellbore oilfield services to perform before completion. These are:

  • Removal of all residual material in the wellbore
  • Displacement of all drilling fluid with completion brine

Fragments of residue and debris that come from perforating, milling and the drilling processes can form clumps in the casing, liner strings, BOPs and riser during the well-completion process. Not only can this superfluous material disrupt the installation and function of the completion and workover systems, but it can also cause damage to the target rock formation. Wellbore cleanout damage is a frequent problem, particularly in a mature basin.

The incorrect cleanout technique can cause short- or long-term damage to wells that have upper zones. Implemented thoughtfully, wellbore cleaning is the engineer’s best method to control debris before it becomes a critical issue.

Wellbore Cleaning Tools (Pre-perforation)

Another advantage of having a clean production case is that it augments your ability to set and retrieve downhole tools. Reducing or eliminating potentially damaging refined solids using the best wellbore cleanout tools on the market enables a clean wellbore and enhances production.

Typical pre-perforation wellbore clean-out tools and displacement tool streams include:

  • Casing Scraper – Scores and removes mud film and other restrictive material from inner casing walls. The modifiable design of the component enables the user to build the tool as required for the desired application.
  • Casing Brush – Used to supplement the scraper where necessary.
  • Casing magnets – Metal debris can get jammed into downhole valves and cause tears or cut rubber seals. Magnets are essential additions to any wellbore cleanout tool string.

Wellbore Oilfield Services (Post-perforation)

  • Coil tubing tools remove mud residue, barium scale, pipe scale and oil residuals.
  • Circulating Scraper – The circulating scraper tool is a novel concept in wellbore cleanout technology in that a single tool can be implemented to clean multiple diameters. Scraping and jetting actions combine to boost clean-up clout. Cleaning tubing strings with nipples and other diameter restrictions is a breeze with this new tool.
  • Circulating Brush – In a similar fashion to the circulating scraper, the rotating brush combines sweeping with jetting actions. A mud motor or work string rotates the brush. Run with a bull nose, bit sub, plastic guide or mill assembly, this tool operates at the end of the tool string.

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