Magnet Tool – Debris Extraction Jetting Tools for Wellbore Cleaning

magnet toolApplication

The Magnet Tool is designed to remove ferrous metal debris during wellbore cleanup operations. This tool has many unique features including the debris collecting space between each set of magnets which allows maximum debris removal. The magnets which are contained in flanges use both magnetic poles to collect iron particles in a way which allows fully filled collecting space. The flanges also act as fluid baffles which induce fluid eddies that encourage particles into the collecting space. The tool has two centralizers for protecting the collected particles. Another special feature is a one piece body without slots, holes are sharp corners which minimize stress risers. This tool can be run pin up or pin down and can be run as part of the cleanout assembly or as a standalone tool.


  • Magnets capable of holding 40 lbs of debris each
  • One piece mandrel
  • Debris collection space maximizes recovery volume
  • Flanges encourage particles into collecting space
  • Centralizers protect debris
  • Can be run pin up or pin down
  • ISN
  • PEC
  • Q1 Spec
  • API
  • ISO