Jetting Tool – BOP Cleaning Tools – Circulating Tools for Clean Out

jetting toolApplication

The Riser Jetting Tool is a three function tool designed to be run in a cleanup string for jetting the riser, BOP’s and wellhead areas. The first function directs all of the fluid flow to the strings end. A dart is dropped to shift tool to second function which diverts flow through the jetting ports. A larger dart is then dropped to shift the tool into the third function. The third function blocks fluid to the jetting ports directing flow to strings end.


  • One piece mandrel
  • 18 jet nozzles
  • Wireline retrievable activation and deactivation darts
  • 14” OD
  • Durable tool design
  • ISN
  • PEC
  • Q1 Spec
  • API
  • ISO