Circulating Brush – Coil Tubing Tools – Post-Displacement Wellbore Cleaning

Circulating Brush ToolApplication

The CT Circulating Brush Tool is a new concept in brush and scraper technology in which one tool can be run to clean multiple diameters. Its primary application is to clean a tubing string with nipples and other smaller diameter restrictions. The tool combines brushing and jetting action to maximize cleanup effectiveness. It is rotated by a mud motor or work string. As fluid is pumped through the tool the pressure from the flow extends the rotating brushes to contact the tubing or nipple wall for cleaning. This tool should be placed at the end of the tool string and can be run with a bull nose, plastic guide, mill assembly or bit sub.


  • Run below mud motor
  • Combines jetting and brushing action
  • Can clean multiple diameters
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