About Wellbore Specialties & Our Wellbore Clean Out Services

Who We Are

With years of experience in wellbore cleanout technology and techniques, Wellbore Specialties was founded on a total commitment to providing the highest quality products and services for today’s oil & gas industry. Wellbore Specialties cleanup and displacement technology enhances operational efficiency by reducing risk and nonproductive time. Our wellbore cleanup mechanical tools and chemicals remove the debris that interferes with normal operations without damaging the well structure. You can rely on our engineered, field-proven solutions for effective wellbore cleanup and debris management that ensure successful completion operations and maximize reservoir return. By combining proven methods and innovative designs, Wellbore Specialties can provide effective and reliable solutions for drilling, completion, and work over operations. Wellbore Specialties’ design and engineering staff work closely with each customer to insure that they provide them with the proper solutions and the most relevant technologies for their wellbore cleaning needs, including design, manufacture and provision of custom equipment for domestic and international applications.

From day one the Wellbore Specialties team has combined years of experience in wellbore cleanout technologies and techniques with a total commitment to providing the highest quality products and services to today’s Oil and Gas Industry. Since our inception in 2006, we have provided this Industry with the latest technology in Wellbore Cleanout Tools, Displacement Chemicals and Specialty Chemicals.

Wellbore Specialties Engineering Team, with over 70 years of combined experience is constantly researching and staying up to date on the latest technology. Working closely with each customer, our design and engineering staff insure that we provide them with the most relevant technology for their wellbore cleaning needs including the design, manufacturing and provision of custom equipment.

As a results Centered Team, Wellbore Specialties provides efficient and powerful solutions for drilling, completion and work over operations to both domestic and international Clients. Wellbore Specialties Goal: To meet the needs and requests of our favored customers by providing a high level of customer service, producing a superior and efficient product and doing it in a quick and safe manner.

What We Do

A clean wellbore is vital to the success of every completion operation. By eliminating solids particulate in the wellbore you enhance production rates and minimize the risk of operational downtime.

Wellbore Specialties is an Oilfield Service Company that focuses on wellbore integrity assurance through debris removal during displacement, completion and intervention operations. We provide cleanout solutions with the utilization of our mechanical wellbore cleanout tools, displacement chemical products and engineering design support. We prepare the wellbore for completion operations.


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